The most memorable brand experiences occur after purchase


Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020.

Knowledge On-Demand

Help your customers help themselves with device-optimized, self-service product support material.

Digital Manuals

Get your manuals out of the junk drawer and onto your customers device. Convert PDF manuals into SEO optimized, searchable web content – so they can access product information quickly and easily.

Quick Starts

Provide informative and interactive visual instructional guides to help your customers with setup, installation and replenishments tasks.


Proactively address commonly asked questions to quickly help customers find answers to their product questions.



Provide standard and 360 instructional videos to support your customers with assembly, setup, repair, and troubleshooting tasks.

Improve Registration Numbers

Informedy has a modern, consumer friendly registration platform, enabling brands to increase and improve their customer database by as much as 10x the industry standard.

Connect your customers to the products they own.
13 (Demo)


Register with a Facebook or Google account.

4 (Demo)


Scan a QR code or tap an NFC tag on the product or packaging.

11 (Demo)


Upload an image of the serial number.

8 (Demo)


Fill in an online form.


Customer Accounts

Give your customers a personalized online experience enabling them to find product information, warranty info, recalls, updates and offers.
  • Display product promotions and offers
  • Send text and email notifications based on product
  • List quick links to support content for products they own


Remain responsive to changing market trends and build better relationships with your customers using actionable data.
  • Establish target buyers
  • Identify popular & high usage features
  • Locate area where better documentation is required
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Assess product engagement and demographic data