Customer Accounts

Give Customers Quick & Easy Access to the Products They Own

Create Connected Customers

 Give your customers a personalized online enabling them to quickly find information on the products they own.

Account Overview

A Single Place to Access Product Content


Eliminate time-consuming website searches by giving customers a central location to access product support tools, register new products, get messages, offers and notifications about their products.


On-Demand Knowledge


Give customer 1-click access to a list of products they own, so they can quickly and easily access support content such as setup, cleaning, replenishment and repair instructions.

Special Offers

Personalized Offers & Promotions


Improve customer experience with personal and relevant interactions. Anticipate their needs with offers for replenishments, replacements, and accessories for the products they own.

Alerts & Notifications

Send alerts and messages to your customers based on the products they own.

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